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Emerald Forest Bungalows is committed to environmentally friendly methods of providing the best service to our guests.  We want to preserve our beautiful state for future generations.  Here are some of the ways we work to be green while offering our warm welcome to our guests:

We practice composting and recycling.

  • Vacation areas typically generate large amounts of waste, and we're trying to cut the volume generated at Emerald Forest Bungalows.  We ask that you sort your cabin's trash and compost, and place it in the marked bins located near the main house.  This practice significantly reduces the waste stream going to landfills.
  • In our woodlands, you will see some dead trees, both standing and fallen, which provide nutrients for the forest floor, and valuable habitats for a variety of wildlife.  And at various points on the property, there are brush piles which provide nesting and cover for creatures including songbirds and cottontail rabbits.

We love most of our little insects.

  • In our woods and beehives there are many insects that provide the important service of pollinating the flowers of plants and trees.  Unfortunately, some of those insects wish to provide the same service by biting humans!  We manage mosquitoes and other insects naturally, by keeping the areas around the guest accommodations clear and dry.

We use natural cleaning products.

  • At Emerald Forest Bungalows, we clean our cabins with natural or organic products.

We support local farmers.

  • There are many opportunities to support and learn about our local farmers, by making a visit to one of the two organic farms in the neighborhood, maple sugaring houses, or gardens in the area.  And every weekend during the growing season we can facilitate your order of local, organic produce.


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